Hair Styles

We believe that although beauty is only skin deep, we still have the right to let it shine. The timeless beauties who came before us knew this all to well and worked it for everything they could get, while they could get it. Whether heading into an important meeting or out for a night with the girls, The Blowout will have you looking your stellar best, so you too can sparkle like the stars.

Blowouts - Regular Blowouts Only $35

The Veronica

Our Signature Blowout

Smooth and sultry, our straight up blow- out will accentuate your natural beauty, turning heads wherever you go. Versatile and easy to maintain, it's sure to become a classic.

The Sophia

You are lucky to be a woman with this chic, yet sexy, Blowout. With a little lift and lots of volumptous body, you'll be set for any occasion.

The Rita

Angels may be the only ones with wings but with our Gilda inspired Blowout, they will gladly trade their wings for your curls.

The Norma Jean

Some like it hot! Our carefree and fun beach-blown look will fool your friends into thinking you escaped to the coast for the day.

The Angie

Short, sassy and flirtatious, they will tell tales of your beauty all the way from Tennessee to Rio Bravo.

The Shirley

Before climbing aboard the good ship lollipop, all little princesses simply must have their 'dos done.


Up Do's - Starting at $55

The Audrey

Classic and timeless, our up-do turns any woman into a fair lady for a night out, keeping you, and your hair, looking fabulous till breakfast at Tiffany's.

The Elizabeth

Half-up/half-down, pigtails or pony, this style will surely pave your way to stardom. Who can be afraid of Virginia Woolf when she looks this good!

Men's Styles - Only $20

The Frank

Even Ol' Blue Eyes took time out for pampering, keeping himself well groomed for the guys and dolls. Stop in before a night on the town (or important business meeting) and enjoy a scalp massage, shampoo and styling. Go on, relax like The Chairman of the Blowout, you deserve it.

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